The Grand Plan

So you may be asking yourself what is this grand plan and big adventure and why is it scary or exciting. Well I will set the scene and introduce myself a little first if I may and then I will tell you.

My name is Andria and I am 45 years old. From the age of 16 I left school and started work, by 17 I was engaged to be married and my partner, soon to be husband and I bought our first house. At 19 we were married and conceived our first child meaning that by 20 I was a mum to our first son. A few years later our second son was born and the family was complete. At 30 I became a single mum and whilst embarking on several relationships and failing my life was dedicated to bringing up my two lovely and very smart boys that I am so proud of. I have tried to teach them that there is a big world out there and the world is their oyster and if they want to achieve anything bad enough they CAN do it, and they are proving that every day.

So my job is done, my kids are grown and flown the nest, I have no grandchildren yet, and my parents are fit and well. So I have decided to take some time out, a life break I am calling it, time to step off the tread mill of work, sleep and eat, time to think, time to take stock of what is next and this is what I want to create this blog for. It may end up being very uneventful. It may end up that I miss the life I had, or it may turn out to be the best thing I have done for me. But I have thought it through and the worst case scenarios and decided to GO FOR IT. It is time to practice what I preach. 

I am going to quit my sales job, get on a plane and head out to Gran Canaria and start a life break adventure.


13 thoughts on “The Grand Plan”

  1. So pleased for you Andria xxx
    I don’t go onto Facebook very often so just seen this
    Looks amazing !!xx
    Are you out there on your own?x
    I leave lyreco next week after nearly 11 year’s
    You take care


    1. Hi Jo, yes here alone, but making friends fast and having lots of visitors. I will be home for Christmas for a couple of weeks. Message me and let me know what you are doing next. I wish you all the best. Great to hear from you. Xxx


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