Ever felt like just quitting your job and moving abroad. Getting off that daily tread mill of work, eat and sleep. Well so many people dream about it and talk about it, well I have decided to do it!

That is what this blog is all about, from start till …..

I will share my experiences of what I needed to do to make this possible, why I felt the need, why now, and everything that happens once I get to my dream destination, which by the way, is Gran Canaria.

Why there you ask? Well… all round great weather, salsa dancing :-), all year round tourist destination, so hopefully I can find work. They are just a few of the positives. I won’t be looking for the same kind of stressful job I have now in sales, this is more of a life change move, not a career move.

This journey might turn into just a long 6 month holiday, or it might turn into a lifetime change, who knows, but follow me and find out. Perhaps one day you will be brave enough to do it too when you see how easy it really is to change your life.

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